Why You Should Stop Listening to Dave Ramsey | Vee Weir | Vee Frugal Fox

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Episode 180 talks about why you should stop listening to Dave Ramsey featuring Vee Weir of Vee Frugal Fox. Listen now!

Vee Weir is the owner and founder of Vee Frugal Fox, an inclusive online brand for those paying down debt, saving money, and living their best financial lives.

Vee began her path to financial independence in 2016, when she realized she had to choose between medicine and food. In that moment, the course of her life changed, and she decided to learn everything she could about personal finance.

After being introduced to the debt free community on Instagram, Vee paid off $71k in five years. She fell in love with personal finance and opened her digital marketing firm, Weir Digital Marketing, which services other finance brands in the online space.

Vee has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, MSN, CNBC, Reader’s Digest, and more.

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