GOSSIP GIRL || SEASON 2, ep. 25 || its finally the finale we all deserve--graduation tassel time!

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Hosts Hannah Brown (@hannahabrown) and Tyler Meredith (@tylermckmeredith) sit down to discuss the Season 2 finale AKA the day that Serena Van Der Woodsens graduation tassel made the world stand still. Things of note: this is a Jojo Siwa Stan podcast and we literally take a break so Tyler can purchase a holiday Nap Dress. Back to the ep--the race for the next queen of Constance is on—and little J is vying for the crown. THE SERENA HAIR TASSEL moment of our nightmares has ARRIVED and we are demanding answers. We get a torturous back and forth between Chuck and B and its infuriating! Meanwhile, GG is running wild and S decides to lead the charge to bring her down. We get a Rufus Star Wars joke and we get a Tudor history lesson from B as she bestows the Queen B crown on Little J in a bathroom with misplaced beaded curtains. And Lily finally gets the understated proposal from Rufus that she’s always wanted as this episode leaves us screaming as we get B and Chuck union via dreamy gifts and those three little words we've been waiting two seasons for! But will dame Georgina Sparks ruin it all for our queen at NYU next year? T-B-freaking-D. XOXO H & T

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