018 Bridgette Chambers | Innovation, Community & Paying It Forward

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Join guest, Bridgette Chambers, Author, Speaker, and Chairman of BCBG Marketing, as she shares with us the role of innovation in the entrepreneurial space, how important community is to developing our entrepreneurs of tomorrow and today with her platform, EmpoweredW. She also shares some of the mistakes business owners make when trying to grow or revive their businesses, and what to do about it.

For show notes & Bridgetter's Free gift head to www.yourbizrules.com/blog.

Bridgette Chambers brings over twenty years of success to coaching entrepreneurs and business leaders to envision and implement intensive growth and change strategies. Chambers is the author of FixIt, the highly acclaimed book that provides actionable strategies for profitable problem solving. Chambers is a well known keynote speaker that has shared the stage with Colin Powell, Lisa Leslie, Seth Godin, Michael Eisner, and other notable personal brands.

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