Giving Yourself Permission To Recieve What You're Worth

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Join Melissa Risdon with Permission To Receive as she opens the path for women entrepreneurs to gain confidence, own their personal power and believe in their worth and the value they bring to the world. As you will discover, it is only after that you will be able to command value-driven fees, grow your business and enjoy it.

Melissa is an international speaker and Internet radio host. Raving Fan Radio™ reaches over 120,000 loyal listeners each week. Known as the Champion to Feminine Leaders, Melissa helps women create the love & life their soul craves.

Her mission is to help heart-centered women learn how to step into their power and to ask for what they’re worth personally & professionally. Melissa’s “heart of gold” and passion is felt by her listeners and clients.

During her successful Corporate America career she learned how to step into her power, set boundaries and communicate clearly. Melissa learned how to ask for what she’s worth and increased her salary to the mid 6 figures before the age of 30. Melissa chose to leave Corporate American to pursue her dream of of living a purposeful life helping those who are ready to step-up and transform their life!

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