What it Takes to Have the Business & Family you Desire

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Do you ever wonder if it is all worth it? Do you ever worry about the effect your business will have on your family? Do you think the success of your business dictates the success of your family? Then you need guest, Lori Dawson's story of rise and fall; to comeback triumphantly and happy. Lori shares where she placed importance in her business, how structure set her, her clients and her family free and just how important your intention and focus plays into your future. Welcome to one of my favorite episodes.

Lori Dawson and her husband built a very successful real estate investment company in Phoenix, Arizona after buying their first house in 2003. That company went from Zero to owning 28 houses worth over $7.5 million in just 3 years, without using any of their own money or credit. The reason this is so important is that many people believe that they can’t make money in real estate because they don’t have enough money or good enough credit. Lori has proven that it IS possible.

She also understands how painful it is to lose money. The worst thing that can happen to a business owner is to have the business go under, taking with it a wonderful lifestyle and a lot of big plans. When the bottom fell out of the Phoenix real estate market in 2007-2009, Lori and her husband held on as long asthey could, but eventually ran out of money and lost everything. They still had the systems, knowledge & experience they’d acquired, so they dusted themselves off & got going again. Within 18 months they had purchased, fixed up & rented out 22 houses that soon doubled in value, again without using their own money or credit. They are still active investors & Lori now teaches the methods, strategies & systems they have developed that have made them millions of dollars. Lori is very passionate about the importance of consistent marketing, because she knows that effective marketing drives income.

For Show Notes, go to http://yourbizrules.com/lori35/

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