He Had A Scrunchie In His Car!

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Lauren and Tommy have been dating for about eight months after meeting on a dating app and things were going so well that they were considering the option of moving in with each other when their leases were up this summer. Lauren wanted to do something nice for Tommy and took his car in for an oil change and noticed that a colorful scrunchie was in his car even though she doesn’t wear any. When Lauren asked about it, Tommy said he found it at a gas station and put it in his car “in case someone is looking for it” when he’s back at the gas station. Lauren knows something is up because who would do that?
We call Tommy pretending to send him a free bouquet of flowers and when we ask him as to who he wants them sent to, Tommy asks if they can be sent to someone named Sara who he says is his “girlfriend of two months.” Find out what‘s really going on in today’s all NEW War of the Roses!

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