His Parents Didn't Think He Was Over His Ex!

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Megan and Teddy have been dating for four months after first meeting on Hinge and went on their first date right after. They’ve both had the talk so they know they are committed to one another, but this weekend Megan kind of started to doubt his commitment when they went to his parents’ beach house. While they were hanging out, Megan overheard Teddy’s parents talking to him about his ex Lindsay and that they really liked her and doubt that he was over her already. Megan wants us to do a Roses just to check and see if Teddy is fully over Megan or if she is just the rebound.
We call Teddy pretending to send him a free bouquet of flowers and when we ask him as to who he wants them sent to, Teddy asks if they can be sent to Megan. Find out what‘s really going on in today’s all NEW War of the Roses!

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