The Tale of Two Trolls

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In this week’s episode Katie sits down with licensed social worker, therapist, and Instagram’s ohnobravo aka Chelsea. They discuss the dichotomy of fans, hows fans become trolls, and the different types of trolls you’re bound to encounter while scrolling through any of your favorite reality stars Insta accounts. It all boils down to the need for human connection, and Chelsea gives us some incredible insight on how loneliness can turn to anger, how mob mentality can take hold, and why it’s so important to find a healthy outlet, even if thats just building Legos. They dive into towing the line between whats funny and what’s mean, and why it is that it’s so incredibly easy for us to judge each other. If you want to find out what the boiling frog effect is, and come on, who doesn’t, you’re gonna love this episode!

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