ZAP's Good Friday late-night roundtable: should we be building new homes at all?

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After our scheduled guest postponed their appearance we took the opportunity to discuss an issue that's been a little bit fractious in the Zero Ambitions chat: should be building new homes at all?

Heads up: it was an evening pod, some drink had been taken; apologies if the early reference to war in Ukraine sounds a bit glib, we aren't able to publish the pre-record chat was a little less centred on us; also Sara was on holiday, and Rachael dropped out at the last minute, so it's a bit of a boys-club episode.

There's a little mild profanity too.

Some links to things we mentioned
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Orson Welles getting drunk
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Kwaijo Social Housing Twitter
Alex's French book: Construire ou rénover sa maison
Chicken in a can

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