Helping Retrofit Reach a Wider Audience, with author and influencer Laura de Barra

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Laura de Barra is an award winning author, illustrator, and property portfolio developer and has previously consulted on government schemes such as the Green Homes Grant around which she has some key observations.

What drew us to Laura was her efforts in trying to empower mainly renters to understand and maintain their homes by sharing tips, tricks and knowledge from how to rid your home of mould, to understanding how your drainage system works.

Her two books, Gaff Goddess and Decor Galore were a culmination of years of learning on the job of how to improve the conditions people live in. Showing people that it's possible without needing to spend huge money or be reliant on others to fix things for you.
Whilst the government flails around avoiding delivering policy that would help households to live in warmer, healthier and resilient homes, Laura has some tips that can help you now.

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Her books are available here:

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