Retrofit, procurement, contracting, and preparing for the future: a conversation with Jennifer Phin from A.C. Whyte

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Last week we met with 'friend of the show; Jennifer Phin, MD of A.C. Whyte & Co., a firm with decades of experience delivering energy efficiency through retrofit measures

As part of our ongoing conversation about the challenges around retrofit, she has a lot to offer the discourse.

Our discussion included the role of procurement in delivering successful retrofit, the need for greater client-side literacy (to appraise cost vs value), and the desperate need for a stronger education strategy across the board, from building up the body of specialised personnel that the industry needs, to the sorts of education that benefit the occupants, post installation of measures. All common themes, underpinned by a long-term, coal-face contractor's experience.

You'll find A.C. Whyte & Co online and on LinkedIn, but we definitely recommend checking the Skills Academy video.

We don't actually earn anything from this, and it's quite a lot of work, so we have to promote the day jobs.


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