S2Ep21: Bears lead the North at 5-1. MNF preview against Rams. Fans N Eggs visits Mexico. B1G football returns.

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Another incredible defensive performance lands the Bears atop the NFC North at 5-1. Haters gonna hate (is that what the kids say) but don't look now - Chicago is fighting for top billing in the NFC. The boys of Zero Doinks review the Carolina game and the Fans N Eggs vote on their Cornish Hen Player Of The Week. Monday Night Football looms with the Bears heading to Los Angeles and a big game against the Rams. Gambling and fantasy football angles will be looked at as will an always-awkward yet sensual visit from sports gambling sharp Rick Feelsmen. Fans N Eggs takes a visit to Mexico with Bears fan extraordinaire Diego as he introduces us to his incredible Bears fan club. Plus much more as always!

0:00 - 02:42 - Highlights from Week 6 and what's on tap this episode (highlights courtesy of Fox TV and chicagobears.com; music courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks and children of the two of them)

02:43 - 44:38 - Review of Bears-Panthers. Are the Bears the greatest 5-1 team that has ever walked the Earth? Why so many haters? I guess the offense does still stink, huh? What are some solutions? This defense is still very sexy. Who wins this week's Zero Doinks Cornish Hen Player Of The Game?

44:39 - 45:27 - How you can become the next Zero Doinks

45:28 - 68:47 - LA Rams preview. A huge MNF matchup awaits as Sean McVay and his weird staff host the Bears. Dan Doinks walks us through some Bears-Rams history but things start to go off the rails a little bit toward the end of the segment. (audio at the beginning courtesy of the 1980s and YouTube)

68:48 - 88:28 - Hamm's N Bread (sports gambling segment). Which way are the boys going in Bears-Rams? What are expert sharp Rick Feelsmen's three hot hot picks for the week during the segment within the segment Hamm's N Spreads (76:30 - 82:01)? Anything else catching Dan Doinks eye to win us all some hot cash? And why do Subway sandwich shops smell so weird? (audio at the end courtesy of one of the Batman movies)

88:29 - 97:27 - Bears Fantasy Corner (fantasy football advice). Who are the top two recommended plays of Zero Doinks for Monday's Bears-Rams game? Who gets the weekly Tayson Hill trash fantasy player award presented by Glad?

97:28 - 115:11 - Fans N Eggs (Bears fan interview segment). The boys visit Diego in Mexico (@dandarzae) as he talks about the red hot Bears fan club he is part of in Monterrey. How many Bears fans are there in his area? Ever been to Chicago? Do they serve Hamm's in his area?

115:12 - 115:42 - How to follow Zero Doinks on the interwebs.

115:43 - 125:16 - Big Ten Minute (Big Ten football/basketball segment). B1G football is back this weekend! The Illini kick things off in Madison and the Gophers host Michigan and ESPN Gameday. What are these squad's prospects in 2020?

125:17 - 133:57 - Outro thoughts. Did you say you were boycotting the NFL for whatever your reasons were? Grow up, you're not welcomed back now that the Bears are obviously Super Bowl-bound. Just grow up and stop being such a baby.

133:58 - END - Such Great Heights (Bear Down Now) victory song courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks, their children, and originally Postal Service, of course.

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