S2Ep23: Overtime Ouch. 5-3 after two straight Ls. Saints review. Titans preview. Fans N Eggs in Tennessee.

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A clutch Cairo Santos got the Bears into overtime but the offense couldn't do enough to steal a win against the Saints as the Bears drop two straight and find themselves 5-3 with eight games left. The boys talk all about the game against New Orleans (Taysom Hill TD catch!?!?) and preview this weekend's huge game against the Titans. Can the Bears turn it around? Is this a must win? That's cliche but shit, this might be that. Hamms N Bread visits loads of gambling angles (not to mention a visit from exclusive Zero Doinks gambling sharp Rick Feelsmen) and Bears Fantasy Corner dives deep into who you should add to your daily fantasy roster this weekend. Martha in Tennessee is the first-ever female guest on Fans N Eggs as she kindly allows ZD to visit her across enemy lines. The Illini and Gophers are 0-2 and play each other this weekend in the Toilet Covid Bowl. Plus much more including some bonus baseball talk on Hamms N Ted. Oh boy.

0:00 - 05:00 - 'Highlights' of Bears-Saints plus what's on tap this episode (song courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks, Daughter of Bill Doinks, inspired by Death Cab For Cutie; highlights courtesy of Fox and chicagobears.com)

05:01 - 47:57 - Review of Bears-Saints. Yikes, that one stung. Nick Foles stinks, eh? Are there any fixes we can see? How do the Bears stand in the NFC playoff hunt? How is the last half of the year going to shake out? (sound at end courtesy of NFL Netowkr)

47:58 - 72:15 - Preview of Bears-Titans. Dan Doinks takes us on a walk through Nashville and reminds us of Bears wins past.

72:16 - 87:38 - Hamm's N Bread. Dan has a cold streak going on. Which way are the boys leaning in the Titans game? Rick Feelsmen pops in for his hot hot picks from 78:36 - 83:48. Hopefully this is a big bounce back week for us all.

87:39 - 102:18 - Bears Fantasy Corner. Dan met a clown during Halloween. Revisiting Little Caesar's logo. Who did the boys recommend for their Daily Fantasy teams?

102:19 - 142:53 - Fans N Eggs (fan interview segment). The boys visit Nashville and Bears/Titans fan Martha. Her story is incredible as her experience in the FBI saw some things that would cost us some sleep. Also, apparently Memphis sucks and sloths can't be touched with the human hand.

142:54 - 146:08 - Big Ten Minute. The Illini stink and have a lot of Covid issues. The Gophers also stink. Both teams play each other this week. Does anyone care?

146:09 - 146:39 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

146:40 - 164:56 - Hamm's N Ted. The Cubs are weird and the Sox just hired Tony La Russa. Bill tries to make heads or tails of that Jerry Reinsdorf-led decision.

164:57 - 179:56 - Outro. Hey it's election day. Everything's fine.

179:57 - 184:09 - Outro Music. Full "Bears lose" song for your enjoyment. Into The Dark, Red Zone's Stark courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks, Daughter of Bill Doinks and inspired by Death Cab for Cutie.

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