S2Ep29: Santos Baby. Losing Streak Snapped. Fans N Eggs in Minny for Vikings Week x2. Lovie Fired.

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The final exclusive Zero Doinks Christmas song is released here this week with "Santos Baby" courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks and Daughter of Bill Doinks. The losing streak is over as the Bears smoked the Texans and stayed within striking distance of a Wild Card spot in the NFC. Vikings week x2 approaches - which Bears team is going to show up and does any of this have any bearing on whether of not Pace and Nagy keep their jobs? Mister 3-0 Rick Feelsmen (@rickfeelsmen) pops in for his expert picks (and maybe a new sponsorship song?) in Hamms N Spreads and the boys lament the firing of former Bears head coach Lovie Smith as he was booted from Illinois football over the weekend after losing the HAT trophy to Northwestern yet again. Bill pays up on a wager to Grease Tank for that Wildcats win, too. Plus the boys visit Marcell (@Stylz_RapIsLife) in Minneapolis, a multi-talented Bears fan and hip hop artist.

0:00 - 03:21 - Exclusive release of Christmas song "Santos Baby," courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks and Daughter of Bill Doinks

03:22 - 04:28 - What's on tap for this Zero Doinks ep?

04:29 - 23:33 - Bears-Texans review. Who was that team? Still relevant for the playoffs, somehow. Does this change anything in any way? We are so confused. Who won the Zero Doinks Cornish Hen Player of the Week?

23:34 - 42:19 - Hamm's N Bread (sports gambling segment). What are our angles for the Bears-Vikings game? Rick Feelsmen (@rickfeelsmen) pops in to brag about his 3-0 week and quite possibly discuss his new sponsor (27:27 - 35:27). Dan has teaser and pleaser options for your ears.

42:20 - 58:15 - Bears Fantasy Corner (fantasy football segment). The boys are tied in their battle for BFCorner supremacy. Who do they recommend this week? Who will win in their actual fantasy semifinal matchup?

58:16 - 58:46 - Where can you find us lurking on the interwebs?

58:47 - 81:53 - Big Ten Minute. Woah, Lovie Smith fired from Illini football after a fifth-straight loss to Northwestern. Where does the program turn now? Illini hoops still in top 15 but lost Bragging Rights again to Mizzou. Gophers visit Champaign in hoops to kick off the B1G slate this week. Gophers football finishes up with Wisconsin in a largely-disappointing season. Bill pays off a debt to Grease Tank to finish the segment (80:10 -81:53).

81:54 - 102:51 - Fans N Eggs (fan interview segment). The boys visit Marcell (@Stylz_RapIsLife) in Minneapolis to find out what it's like being a Bears fan in Minnesota. Marcell discusses his podcast (@acrossthaplain) and his hip-hop group (@TRIBMusic) as well as the impact he is making on his community during some trying days in 2020.

102:51 - END - Some Bulls talk and other musings, plus the return of victory song Such Great Heights, Bear Down Now, courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks, Daughter of Bill Doinks, Son of Bill Doinks and Son of Coach Cuse, inspired by Postal Service.

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