S2Ep9: Legal sports gambling. Ongoing Bears disrespect. Anxiously and awkwardly doxxing racists.

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Lots has happened since we last recorded and we are here to talk all about it but first ... why have the Bears gotten such a bad rap this offseason? American's favorite gambling segment, Hamm's 'N Bread, features actual sports gambling news and insight! The debut of a new baseball segment, Hamm's 'N Ted, looks at the Cubs and White Sox prospects for a shortened 2020 season. See Me After Class revisits a Fall 2019 target which doxxed a popular but racist sports media personality and the boys show their support and love for Black Lives Matter while figuring out how to best help with change as a couple of dough-y and paste-y nearly 40 year old white men.

0:00 - 05:35: What's in store this episode?

05:35 - 06:26: Learn how to do a podcast on Anchor

06:26 - 43:21: Bears and NFL Talk | national Bears disrespect; Mitch (finally) speaks to media and the boys revisit Mitch versus Nick; Soldier Field with 20% capacity, maybe? Rumors of Chicago without a Bears stadium in 13 years; Cam signs with the Patriots so everyone hates Ryan Pace again

43:22 - 66:31: Hamm's 'N Bread | sports gambling is now legal on your phone in Illinois; what have the boys lost money on thus far; Rick Feelsmen future podcast teaser; NBA and NHL futures leading to some NBA playoffs bubble talk

66:31 - 67:12: Where can you slip into the DMs of Zero Doinks online?

67:12 - 93:29: Hamm's 'N Ted | new baseball segment talking White Sox and Cubs; any surprises on the initial summer camp rosters? Will either Chicago team be playoff bound?

93:29 - 112:37: See Me After Class intro | Zero Doinks hates racists; looking for ways we can help as a couple of ugly middle-aged white dudes while struggling to be not preachy; if you are a racist you probably aren't going to like this segment or Zero Doinks in general, fair warning

112:37 - 120:12: See Me After Class | sports broadcasting legend Brent Musburger gets exposed (again) as a racist (replay from Season 1)

120:12 - 145:02: Outro | a huge tournament starts on the 4th of July - does Dan know what it is? Dan pelts Bill with random questions as the boys come down from the previous two segments; Bill's daughter closes out the show

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