S3Ep11: Sick of Andy Already. Preseason Wrapping. Nagy is a Clown. Illini Kicking Off. Fans N Eggs Visits Canada.

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This has been the most eventful preseason of recent memory and we are here to talk about it while not trying to overanalyze one game that so happened to involve our ex-BFF lighting up the Bears defense at will. What is Matt Nagy doing in regards to QB? What is the point of Andy Dalton? Have we completely turned on Nagy again? Are we overreacting? Hard to say. JF1 is starting against the Titans to close out the preseason but is that really a good idea? We'll talk all about it. Plus exclusive sports gambling sharp @rickfeelsmen pops in for his latest hot hot picks during Hamms 'N Bread and the return of Big Ten Minute visits Champaign as the Illini kick off the college football slate against Nebraska. The boys of Zero Doinks visit Ontario, Canada, as Ty from Ontario is on the hot seat as the latest Fan 'N Egg. Plus tons more!

00:00 - 05:14 - Intro featuring Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks, Daughter of Bill Doinks, + clips from FOX and Chicago Bears dot com (thank you Death Cab For Cutie for the Inspiration) as well as a touch of Scatman John.

05:14 - 06:00 - What's on tap tonight?

06:00 - 25:34 - Justin Fields is Gold. What the hell is Matt Nagy doing here? What is the point of Andy Dalton? Just so frustrating, start the best dude and don't turn back.

25:34 - 54:33 - Bears and NFL chatter. Still fired up about Matt Nagy a bit here. We talk about Mitch Trubisky and our cry to Bears fans to attempt to hold two thoughts in their head at the same time.

54:33 - 73:52 - Hamm's 'N Bread. American's favorite sports gambling segment featuring Hamm's 'N Spreads which features the resident shark, sharp and whale Rick Feelsmen. He'll bounce back from a tough 0-3 week*. You know there will be some Everton chatter here as well. (*preseason picks don't count)

73:52 - 74:29 - Where you can find us on the interwebs.

74:29 - 91:26 - Big Ten Minute. College football is back this weekend and the Illini are kicking it off at home against Nebraska. Where will the Illini finish under Bret Bielema's leadership? How about Dan's Gophers? Will Bill Doinks be at the game on Saturday?

91:26 - 116:49 - Fans 'N Eggs. Zero Doinks visits Canada and Bears fan Ty in Ontario. What's the deal with Canadian currency? How does a guy from Canada become a Bears fan? Why are there so many Lions fans in Ty's general vicinity? Plus tons more with a great dude who teaches ZD and its listeners some new turns of phrase.

116:49 - 113:16 - Outro. Wrapping up this bad boy before a slight hiatus until Tuesday, September 7th, prior to the real thing, Bears-Rams.

133:16 - END - Outro music, compliments of Scatman John. What a guy. A bit weird.

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