S3Ep13: Season Kicking Off in LA. 'Helpless' Feeling Without JF1. Bears Fantasy Corner Returns. Hughey's Mayo 'N Eggs + B1G Talk.

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At long last the regular season kicks off as Andy Dalton (gross) and the Bears prepare to open their season on NBC's Sunday Night Football at the Los Angeles Rams. How long will it be until JF1 is allowed to save the franchise? Halftime? God we hope so. What do we make of the matchup and what are our final 2021 predictions? Resident sharp Rick Feelsmen returns for a fresh season of Hamm's N Bread with a little bit of Hamm's N Spreads in the middle. Bears Fantasy Corner returns for a third season as the boys will offer you some creative ways of winning your Week 1 fantasy battles. Tough week for our B1G squads but we'll talk about how they can bounce back in a big way. Illini punter Hugh Robertson hops on for a chat in his exclusive Zero Doinks segment "Hughey's Mayo 'N Eggs." Plus lots more surprises, musical and otherwise.

0:00 - 05:52 - Intro with new Zero Doinks song "Helpless" courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks, Daughter of Bill Doinks and special appearance by Stylz from The Real is Back, inspired by Helpless from Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton.

05:52 - 08:31 - What's on tap tonight?

08:31 - 54:16 - Bears roster talk, JF1 talk, Bears-Rams preview, NFL talk. Lots to get into about how the depth chart looks heading into Bears-Rams. When do we expect JF1 to take over the ship? How do we feel Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace have handled the QB situation to date? How many hits can Andy Dalton withstand behind the offensive line? Dan Doinks walks us through the Week 1 opponent's coaching staff, front office and more as only he can. NFC North Week 1 matchups to keep our eyes out for.

54:16 - 56:58 - Fans 'N Eggs. Predictions for the 2021 season from a handful of your favorite Zero Doinks Fans 'N Eggs.

56:58 - 88:38 - Hamm's N Bread. Resident shark, sharp and whale Rick Feelsmen pops in for his three hot picks during this week's Hamm's N Spreads, the middle of America's favorite sports wagering segment Hamm's N Bread. Which way are the boys leaning this week for Sunday night's debut? Any other games catch our eye?

88:38 - 100:52 - Bears Fantasy Corner. The world's weirdest fantasy segment returns for its third year. Which fantasy Bears do Bill and Dan Doinks recommend scooping up to help you win your Week 1 and/or DFL fantasy battles? How did their auction go a couple of weeks ago? How about the Fans N Eggs draft?

100:52 - 126:44 - The B1G Minute. The Illini still lead the B1G West despite a tough Saturday night loss. Dan's Gophers led Ohio State at halftime but couldn't hang on, while suffering a tough injury to a key offensive weapon.

126:44 - 155:04 - Hughey's Mayo N Eggs. Illini punter Hugh Robertson pops in for another appearance while patiently answering the boys ridiculous questions about Australia. Lots of incredible insights from Hugh's mum here.

155:04 - 155:41 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

155:41 - 170:00 - Let's Wrap this M'Fer Up. An assortment of thoughts, hopes and dreams.

170:00 - END - Ryan Pace mashup courtesy of Chicago Bears dot com and The Room. "Patience" courtesy of Coach Cuse and Bill Doinks with a special appearance by Rick Feelsmen, clearly inspired by Guns 'N Roses.

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