S3Ep14: Home Opener With Fans. Defenseless in LA. JF1 Finds Paydirt. Tied for 1st and Last.

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Sunday night football on NBC exposed a few Bears issues to a national audience, wouldn't you say? The defense was poor, the offense was dinky and dunky and the result was a 20 point loss in Los Angeles. We look at all that happened against the Rams while turning our attention to the home opener against 1-0 Cincinnati as Dan Doinks will be attending his first Bears game since we became familiar with what the hell Covid-19 meant. Does this qualify as an Andy Dalton revenge game? Will JF1 get more than five plays? Will the secondary give up any more 50+ yard bombs? Has Matt Nagy learned anything in his three+ years as a head coach in the NFL? Plus tons more, including our resident sharp and whale Rick Feelsmen as well as the boys' can't-miss fantasy advice.

0:00 - 04:13 - New intro tune with compliments to Sufjan Stevens, Coach Cuse and Bill Doinks

04:13 - 05:44 - What's on tap tonight?

05:44 - 53:35 - Bears-Rams review, Bears-Bengals preview, NFL chatter. How are we feeling after Sunday night's 20 point loss? Does Matt Nagy know what he's doing? What happened on defense? Offense? Quarterback play overall? Who wins the Zero Doinks Cornish Hen Week 1 MVP as voted on by the Fans N Eggs? Dan Doinks walks us through Week 2's opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals. Will JF1 get more than five plays this upcoming week? How will the oh-fer NFC North fair in Week 2?

53:35 - 84:12 - Hamm's N Spreads. Rick Feelsmen laments his 1-2 week but he's nothing if not resilient and of sound mind as he shoots for 2-1 this week, at worst. The boys discuss what games catch their eye in Week 2. Everton chatter returns here for the soccer fans among us as they are undefeated and unstoppable. I think this is where we chat about some Ted Lasso, too?

84:12 - 84:49 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

84:49 - 91:25 - Bears Fantasy Corner. Who won between the Doinks with their Week 1 picks? Is John Lithgow actually alive? Who is the Taysom Hill trash player of the week, presented by Glad? Most importantly, which Chicago Bear player can win you your Week 2 fantasy battle?

91:25 - 103:56 - The B1G Minute. Illini still lead the Big Ten West. Gophers bounced back from a Week 1 defeat. Iowa football might be really good this year, eh? Ohio State loses a regular season game for the first time in Ryan Day's coaching career, right?

103:56 - 109:35 - Let's Wrap this M'F Up. What weird thoughts are still bouncing around in Dan and Bill's minds?

109:35 - END - Outro. Special thanks to Mr. Big for the inspiration of "To Be With You," credited to Bill Doinks.

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