S3Ep17: Bears > Lions. Tales from the ZD Tailgate. Don't Screw this up, Nagy.

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Your favorite Zero Doinks contributors were on site during yesterday's Bears-Lions game and the boys will recap a long and boozy day at Soldier Field. With Justin Fields notching his first W as a starting NFL quarterback, head coach Matt Nagy had to allow his ego to enter the story after it was revealed that Bill Lazor was the brains behind the Bears offensive scheme. On Monday, Nagy reiterated that Andy Dalton will be the starter once again when healthy. The boys will talk about what is sure to be another unnecessarily-awkward week at Halas Hall leading into Chicago's first ever trip to Las Vegas against the Raiders. Plus tons more, including Zero Doinks's reaction about the next step toward the Bears leaving Soldier Field and shacking up in Arlington Heights. Also on tap: Rick Feelsmen 2.0 climbing his way back into the hearts and minds of our listeners after a 2-1 week. The segment within a segment gains a new sibling. The Illini get back in the W column as do the Gophers. The White Sox start their playoff journey against Houston this week as well. Urban Meyer is in some hot water. Plus tons more.

0:00 - 05:03 - Intro song, special thanks to Coach Cuse, Daughter of Bill Doinks, Son of Bill Doinks, Son of Coach Cuse, and The Postal Service.

05:03 - 05:48 - What's on tap tonight?

05:48 - 69:24 - Bears-Lions review, Bears-Raiders preview, NFL chitter chatter. How was the environment at Soldier Field? How many beers were consumed? Did someone try and catch highway grapes outside of a moving vehicle on the highway? Did we find the barrel? Did Rick Feelsmen make it to the game in time? Did Coach Cuse write any more songs?

69:24 - 70:11 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

70:11 - 88:42 - Hamm's N Bread. Resident sharp, shark and whale Rick Feelsmen 2.0 (2-1) pops in to give his three hot hot picks during Hamm's N Spreads. Which way are the boys leaning with the Bears-Raiders line and total? Any other games catch our eye? The debut of the official segment within a segment within a segment, Toffees Corner, featuring red hot Everton chatter.

88:42 - 104:27 - Bears Fantasy Corner. How did last week's picks of Jimmy Graham versus Jesse James go? Who are our recommended Bears offensive picks for the Raiders game?

104:27 - 112:18 - Big Ten Minute. Both the Illini and the Gophers football clubs are back to their winning ways. Coach #bert plays the Badgers for the first time since abandoning them in 2012. Huge Top 5 B1G matchup this weekend with #4 Penn State visiting #3 Iowa.

112:18 - 118:34 - Hamm's N Ted. The #3-seeded Chicago White Sox start their run to a championship as they start their ALDS series against Houston this week. Can Dan swallow his pride and cheer for the Sox?

118:34 - 129:11 - Let's Wrap this M'Fer Up. Where are we landing on the latest Bears to Arlington Heights developments? Urban Meyer got weird in a bar with some young ladies, eh?

129:11 - END: Outro music and sounds. Thank you to Coach Cuse and Sufjan Stevens for the inspiration behind "Chicago."

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