S3Ep18: Victorious in Vegas. JF1 Starter for Life. Packers Week. Be Gone With You, Jon Gruden.

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JF1 is the starter now and the rest of the league is on notice. Justin Fields and the Bears have won two straight after a W in Las Vegas against racist (and now fired) Jon Gruden and the Raiders, led by trash panda owner Mark Davis. We will give you the ins and outs of the Bears win as well as the reintroduction of Justin Fields is Gold now that he shall be the starter forever more, praise be to the lord, the giver of life. Plus - have you heard? It's Packers week! Aaron Rodgers comes to Soldier Field for perhaps the final time in his career, depending how this offseason shakes out. You know we'll have all the angles on this game, as will resident shark, sharp and whale Rick Feelsmen. Bears Fantasy Corner, B1G Minute, Hamm's N Ted plus tons of special audio gifts throughout the show. Also, can Bill convince Dan to come back for one more run with Gray Balls? Thanks for listening, as always.

0:00 - 03:08 - Intro. Debut of a new song courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks and Daughter of Bill Doinks, inspired by Temple of the Dog (RIP Chris Cornell).

03:08 - 04:37 - What's on tap tonight?

04:37 - 20:23 - Justin Fields is Gold. At long last, JF1 has been given the starting nod from now and forever more. Why did Matt Nagy change his mind? How did Fields do against the Raiders? Is his knee okay? That TD pass to Jesper Horsted was the first of many. Praise be.

20:23 - 21:10 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

21:10 - 70:38 - Raiders review, Packers preview. The boys review the rest of Chicago's performance in Las Vegas and decide which player has earned a well-deserved Zero Doinks Cornish Hen Player of the Week. Let's talk about the defense, holy shit, they've been amazing since week one. And what did Dan Pompei say in The Athletic? What a weird. Did Ryan Pace trade for a lemon in Jakeem Grant? But let's not bury the lead. The Packers are coming to town in Week 6 for what could very well be the last Soldier Field visit for Aaron Rodgers and his stupid hair. Can the Bears knock off Green Bay and rise to the top of the NFC North? Is Dan going to be in the house?

70:38 - 97:37 - Hamm's N Bread. America's favorite sports wagering segment, featuring Hamm's N Bread (the segment within the segment) led by exclusive sharp, sharp and whale Rick Feelsmen. Which way are the boys leaning in GB-Chi? Any other games catch the eye? How about some Toffees Corner where Zero Doinks talks all things Everton soccer in the segment within the segment within the segment.

97:37 - 111:51 - Bears Fantasy Corner. How did our picks go last week (A Rob versus Khalil Herbert)? Who do we recommend you scoop this week for your Same Game Parlays and whatnot? As always, sponsored by both Glad and John Lithgow's Hollywood Square.

111:51 - 122:43 - Big Ten Minute. Is it basketball season yet? We still love you, Hugh. And Judy, obviously. And all of Australia. Is the daughter of Bill Doinks going to apply for something red hot in Champaign?

122:43 - 135:39 - Hamm's N Ted. The White Sox are hanging by a thread but Chicago is in Dusty Baker's head now so that's what really counts, right?

135:39 - 147:51 - Let's Wrap this M'Fer Up. Can Bill convince Dan to jump back on board with Gray Balls as the season is starting in November? Thank you to The Average Cheese, Rick Feelsmen, Ryan Nall, Leila Rahimi, Coach Cuse and the Daughter of Bill Doinks.

147:51 - END Outro Music. Featuring the 2021 version of Bear Down Now, courtesy of Coach Cuse, Bill Doinks, Daughter of Bill Doinks, Son of Bill Doinks, and Son(s) of Coach Cuse (inspired by The Postal Service).

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