S3Ep19: Hello Darkness, Our Old Friend. Rodgers Owns The Bears. Brady Up Next.

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Aaron Rodgers might own the Bears but he does not own Zero Doinks. We will talk all about the Bears having now lost 10 out of 11 to Green Bay as well as Rodgers's message for all of Soldier Field. Dan Doinks was in the flesh to witness yet another loss to the Packers and frankly this is all too familiar of a feeling, wake us up when both Rodgers and Nagy are gone. We talk about JF1's latest performance as well as preview this upcoming weekend's lopsided matchup at Tom Brady and the defending champion Tampa Bay Bucs. Rick Feelsmen pops in for his latest hot hot picks and the boys of Zero Doinks offer their can't miss winners as well as their best fantasy football advice. The Gophers beat Nebraska again, the Illini hoops team is ranked #11 in the country and there's just tons more to talk about including a post-mortem of the 2021 Chicago White Sox. Plus Dan teaches us where urine and semen are stored.

0:00 - 04:51 - Intro. Inspired by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel with thanks to Doctor Dan, Kristen Doinks, Coach Cuse and Bill Doinks, the debut of "Sound of Silence" heard exclusively on Zero Doinks.

04:51 - 05:55 - What's on tap tonight?

05:55 - 16:55 - Justin Fields is Gold. We have not and will not give up on JF1. What were the highs and lows of his first ever game against Green Bay?

16:55 - 76:25 - Bears-Packers review, Bears-Bucs preview, NFL nuggets. Dan Doinks was at Soldier Field and he walks us through his entire experience, including more vendor issues. We hate Matt Nagy again. The defense is allowed to stop the run, right? Who won this week's Zero Doinks Cornish Hen Player of the Week as voted on by our Fans N Eggs from around the world? Moving onto Tampa, Dan previews all the weirdness that is the Bucs's coaching staff and front office and introduces us to a guy who suffered the most unfortunate of all football injuries.

76:25 - 77:18 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

77:18 - 106:28 - Hamm's N Bread. Plus Spreads + Toffees Corner. Resident sharp, shark and whale Rick Feelsmen pops in for his weekly hot hot picks and the boys pick a side in Bears-Bucs. What other games catch Dan's eye? How did Everton do and what are their prospects for this upcoming weekend?

106:28 - 115:57 - Bears Fantasy Corner. It was Allen Robinson versus Darnell Mooney to nearly even the score between Dan and Bill. Who are their hot picks for your Same Game Parlay this weekend?

115:57 - 126:25 - Big Ten Minute. The Gophers won again. The Illini had a bye and are gearing up for basketball season. We still love Hugh Robertson.

126:25 - 147:04 - Let's Close the M'Fer Out. Bill gives his post-mortem of the 2021 White Sox. It's nearly Bulls season. The Chicago Sky won the WNBA championship as Chicago becomes championship city once again.

147:04 - END: Full "California On My Mind" Green Bay version, compliments of Coach Cuse and Bill Doinks with thanks to Wild Life. Plus "White Winter Hymnal" compliments of Coach Cuse, Daughter of Bill Doinks and Bill Doinks, with thanks to Fleet Foxes. Plus interviews of Coach Cuse and Rick Feelsmen by Bill Doinks. And music by Sufjan Stevens about clowns. And Darren from Dublin audio.

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