S3Ep20: Brady's Revenge. Season on the Brink. Nagy has Covid. 49ers Visiting on Halloween. Illini upset Penn State.

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The Bears fell to under .500 at the vengeful hands of Tom Brady and his 600+ career TDs. Under Matt Nagy, this Bears outfit had no chance to hang with the defending champs, which feels like a bit of a problem. What next for bewildered rookie QB Justin Fields and his teammates? San Fran stumbles into town this weekend for what feels like an absolute must win. Is Dan even bothering to show up? We'll talk about everything this week as we do every week. Oh - and Bill has a message for Green Bay fans.

0:00 - 02:33 - Intro song. Another new tune slaps your ears courtesy of Bill Doinks, Coach Cuse and Rick Feelsmen, inspired by Sir Elton.

02:33 - 03:35 - What's on tap tonight?

03:35 - 13:53 - Justin Fields is Gold. What can be done to keep JF1 afloat this week and for the balance of 2021? Too many turnovers but not enough help.

13:53 - 60:42 - Bears-Bucs review, Bears-49ers preview + NFL nuggets. We don't lament the gross loss too much but moreso dive into big picture stuff. How do we see the rest of the schedule breaking down? Bill has some sharp truths for Packers fans who are living high on the hog right now. Dan walks us through this Sunday's opponent, San Francisco.

60:42 - 84:13 - Hamm's N Bread. Resident sharp, shark and expert Rick Feelsmen (Rick 2.0 is 6-6 overall) pops in for this week's hot hot picks. Which side are Dan and Bill leaning for Bears-49ers and other NFL games of note? Plus Toffee's Corner for some Everton soccer talk. Are they bad? They might be bad.

84:13 - 85:00 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

85:00 - 92:08 - Bears Fantasy Corner. After last week's battle between Jimmy Graham and Demarius Byrd, who can the boys call on for victory this Sunday?

92:08 - 107:13 - B1G Minute. Bill's Illini upset #7 Penn State in Happy Valley. Dan's Gophers are tied atop the B1G West. What a turnaround!

107:13 - 120:52 - Let's wrap this M'Fer Up. Bulls chatter. Surprise packages arrive to Bill's home. Who are these Island Boys guys?

120:52 - END - Thank you to Coach Cuse for his continued skills on the outro song(s) and special thanks to Death Cab for Cutie and Wild Light for their inspiration with the outro music (plus Millencolin, per usual).

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