S3Ep21: Jimmy G Rolls. Three Game Slump. JF1 Looks Golden.

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Matt Nagy sits this one out but another loss hits the column nonetheless as Jimmy G and the 49ers roll all over Chicago's defense on Halloween afternoon. At least Justin Fields looked pretty sweet, right? That's really all this season is about, let's be honest, especially with the trade deadline looming and a GM and coach whose jobs should be just about over. We talk all about what stood out to us against San Francisco while looking ahead to this Monday night in Pittsburgh heading into a bye week. Plus tons more, including the smoking hot shark, sharp and whale Rick Feelsmen (version 2.0 is 8-7), musical diddies and a look ahead to the B1G football matchup of the year - Illini at Gophers. Thanks for continuing to listen through all this slog.

0:00 - 05:11 - Intro song + more. Thanks to Face to Face for the inspiration, courtesy of Coach Cuse, Rick Feelsmen and Bill Doinks.

05:11 - 06:08 - What's on tap tonight?

06:08 - 20:25 - Justin Fields is Gold. JF1 had a few highlight-reel worthy plays against San Fran so at least we have that going for us, which is nice.

20:25 - 71:21 - Bears-49ers review, Bears-Steelers preview, NFL nuggets. Maybe the defense is bad now. Cool. Special teams were pretty useless though we have a new love. Who wins the Zero Doinks Cornish Hen Player of the Week? Plus a few words for Vikings Fans followed by Dan previewing Steelers week.

71:21 - 79:35 - Bears Fantasy Corner. Dan gets a big win to climb up the standings a bit.

79:35 - 100:35 - Hamm's N Spreads. @rickfeelsmen pops in to brag about his 2-1 week and the boys give you their hot hot picks for Week 9 of the NFL. Plus Everton talk in the segment within the segment within the segment.

100:35 - 101:27 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

101:27 - 116:28 - B1G Minute. The Illini visit the B1G West-leading Minnesota Gophers this week. Should PJ Fleck be nervous? Why in the world was Kofi Cockburn suspended for three games by the NCAA?

116:28 - 128:45 - Let's wrap this m'fer up. Bulls. Gray Balls around the corner.

128:45 - END - Thank you to Sufjan Stevens, Death Cab for Cutie, Wild Light, Coach Cuse, Daughter of Bill Doinks, Bill Doinks and probably Rick Feelsmen for musical inspirations.

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