S3Ep22: Bears Fall Short in Pittsburgh. See Me After Class, Aaron Rodgers. Illini Clobber the Gophers.

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Chicago's comeback attempt falls short on Monday Night Football as the Bears lose to Big Ben's grey penis in Pittsburgh. We'll talk all about JF1's continued ascension toward greatness, and Matt Nagy's latest example of why he should be facing an obvious firing, as the Bears head into their bye week. Plus of course we'll talk about Jordan Love's debut for Green Bay which should have offered Packers fans a glimpse into the abyss. We also invite Aaron Rodgers to 'see us after class' as well as discuss the Illini football squad's big win at #20 Minnesota, which I'm sure made Dan Doinks feel all sorts of things. Plus more!

00:00 - 04:03 - Intro song, etc. Thank you Collective Soul for your inspiration.

04:03 - 05:21 - What's on tap tonight?

05:21 - 13:37 - Justin Fields is Gold. The main bright spot amongst a pile of darkness.

13:37 - 50:47 - Bears-Steelers review plus NFL notes. Bill and Dan Doinks dive as deep as possible into the Bears game, though admittedly both have been throwing down beverages for a few hours. Plus we are pretty sure Jordan Love stinks.

50:47 - 58:34 - See Me After Class. Bill Doinks takes Aaron Rodgers to town.

58:34 - 59:21 - Where do you find Zero Doinks on the interwebs?

59:21 - 81:43 - B1G Minute. Dan Doinks is still very hurt by the way he was treated after his Gophers got schooled in football, no less, by the Illinois Fighting Illini.

81:43 - 89:53 - Let's Wrap this M'Fer Up. Bulls talk and other oddities.

89:53 - END - Outro music. Lots of credits due, not the least of which is Coach Cuse, Marcell in Minneapolis, Sufjan Stevens, Rick Feelsmen and others.

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