S3Ep5: Hard to Find a Loss. Bears Schedule Release. New Justin Fields Segment. Is Rick Feelsmen Dead?

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How difficult is it to find a loss on the newly-released 2021 Bears schedule? That's one of many questions Bill and Dan Doinks try to answer in this episode of Zero Doinks which features a new segment called "Justin Fields is Gold" which reminds everyone that the Bears have a real QB1 for once. 18 weeks, 17 games, how many wins? The boys try and figure out where the Bears are destined to land during the 2021 season and try to guess when Fields takes over the squad. America's favorite gambling segment is back with Hamm's N Bread with a little bit of Hamm's N Spreads in the middle courtesy of resident shark, sharp and whale @rickfeelsmen. Plus tons more, including an update regarding a haunting in Dan's newly-purchased home build in the 1800s. Thanks for listening, as always!

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