S3Ep6: Bears in the Burbs? JF1 on the Bench? Packers Still a Mess.

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The Bears offseason rolls on and there are hot rumors left and right. Sweaty Teddy Phillips is making a play for a potential move from Chicago to Arlington Heights - where do the boys of Zero Doinks stand on this topic? Matt Nagy keeps downplaying the glory that is Justin Fields as he tries to protect his rookie QB. Will he actually be on the bench Week 1? Rick Feelsmen reappears from the dead for Hamms N Spreads, the segment within the segment of Hamms N Bread, America's favorite gambling segment. The boys touch on some Chicago baseball during Hamms N Ted. Plus tons more, including two Fans N Eggs getting national and international notoriety.

0:00 - 03:31 - Intro mashup featuring Phil from Indiana's guest appearance on Sirius XM's "Moving The Chains" show with Jim Miller.

03:31 - 05:07 - What's on tap this episode?

05:07 - 30:47 - Justin Fields Is Gold (segment about all things Justin Fields). The boys prove this is the horniest podcast on the interwebs, with or without association with football or the Bears. JF1 is our king, let us bow our heads and pray. Just put him in, Matt Nagy, why do we even care about Andy Dalton?

30:47 - 65:44 - Bears Chatter. The boys discuss the rumors about the Bears leaving the lakefront and building a stadium in Arlington Heights. Dan Doinks give his grievances about this possibility. Bill doesn't seem to care either way. Dan Pompei wrote an article about it in The Athletic and was skewered by many commenters. Has Aaron Rodgers retired yet? Shout out to AVG Cheese podcast, thanks for having us on as guests earlier this month.

65:44 - 66:21 - Where can you follow us on the interwebs?

66:21 - 84:40 - Hamm's N Bread (sports gambling segment). Resident Zero Doinks gambling expert Rick Feelsmen is alive and returns for his very special segment within a segment, Hamm's N Spreads, while giving out his hot hot picks. Dan has a few things to say about UEFA and soccer players.

84:40 - 96:04 - Hamm's N Ted (White Sox and Cubs segment). Is Tony La Russa still drunk? Do any White Sox players have hamstrings left? Are the Cubs good enough to make the postseason? Have the boys used Spider Tack on anyone's nether regions?

96:04 - 114:08 - Outro words. How do the boys feel about the Bulls lack of a first round draft pick after falling short with ping pong balls? Will the NBA Finals even be aired this year? How close were the Chicagoland tornadoes to Bill and Dan's homes (please consider donation options here for displaced families)? Is Dan's house still haunted? Shout outs to Phil from Indiana for his amazing appearance on Sirius XM and his promotion of Zero Doinks. Shout out to Darren from Ireland for winning tons of cash via a radio contest in Dublin. Our Fans N Eggs are on fire!

114:08 - END - Outro music plus full clip of Phil from Indiana shouting out Zero Doinks and audio of Darren receiving a phone call that changed his life.

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