S3Ep7: Patience With JF1. New Segment With An Illini. Charity Event Of The Year.

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As the 2021 training camp rapidly approaches, how long can we be patient with Justin Fields? What's the latest with Eddie Goldman? But let's not bury the lead as the boys are debuting a new segment with Illini football player and native of Australia, Hugh Robertson. Plus, the charity event of the year is happening in Chicagoland on July 31st and there is no place like Zero Doinks to chat up the founders of The Hot Ten. Tons more, including an exclusive new song. Also Dan is in his garage for this one.

0:00 - 06:03 - Intro featuring a new original cover of Guns N Roses's "Patience," featuring Bill Doinks, Coach Cuse and Rick Feelsmen

06:03 - 07:33 - What's on tap tonight?

07:33 - 19:01 - Justin Fields is Gold. We still can't believe Justin Fields is the Bears quarterback and we will not tolerate slander on Twitter about JF1. Is Fields a White Sox fan? The boys were too dumb to understand an article written about JF1 that debunked the theory of him being a one-read QB. Let's get to the season already. (some intro sound courtesy of Ohio State Football Network, Barstool Sports and Bo Burnham)

19:01 - 37:42 - Chicago Bears chatter. The Tribune's Brad Biggs continues to try and make Bears fans nervous about the possibility of Eddie Goldman retiring. Goldman's recent Chicagoland workouts suggest otherwise. Training camp opens July 29th at Halas Hall - are the boys trying to get tickets to view such things? Dan offers an apology to a suburban friend. A Rob's extension deadline is nearing. Packers fans on Twitter are super soft. (some intro sound courtesy of 670 The Score and whatever station covered the Aaron Rodgers charity golf event)

37:42 - 80:26 - Hughey's Mayo 'N Eggs starring Illini punter Hugh Robertson. The newest Zero Doinks segment dives deep with Hugh Robertson, a Australian native who is a 28-year old redshirt freshman punter at the University of Illinois. Hugh shares his unique journey that led him to Champaign, what he has learned from fellow Aussie and All-American punter Blake Hayes, how the new Bret Bielema coaching staff differs from Lovie Smith's staff and tons more. Would it be smart to fight a kangaroo? Is Foster's an actual Australian beer? Did Hugh really win a slam dunk contest in his native land? Which Australian Rules Football team should the boys of Zero Doinks bandwagon? (some intro sound courtesy of Men at Work and Flight of the Conchords)

80:26 - 97:16 - Hamm's N Eggs with The Hot Ten. The charity event of the year is happening in Rosemont, Illinois, courtesy of The Hot Ten benefitting Baby Spirit Foundation. Are you up to the challenge of eating ten of the hottest chicken wings you've ever seen? Would you rather enjoy a three hour open bar and raffles? There is still time to register for this July 31st event. Sean, Kevin and Andrew from The Hot Ten walk us through what to expect for this amazing event. Maybe we'll all see Dan Doinks wearing a diaper?

97:16 - 97:54 - Where can you find Zero Doinks on the interwebs?

97:54 - 107:06 - Hamm's N Bread with Rick Feelsmen. Resident sharp and shark Rick Feelsmen takes over this segment with "Hamms N Spreads" - wear oven mitts because his picks are so freaking hot.

107:06 - 111:56 - Hamm's N Ted. The Cubs are done. The White Sox are good but hurt. Tony La Russa is still a weird drunk.

111:56 - 125:55 - Outro thoughts. Dan is a big soccer guy now. The boys of Zero Doinks decide to bandwagon a soccer team, too.

125:55 - END: A little more Rick Feelsmen behind the mic and a touch of the full-length version of "Patience." Also hints of Sufjan Stevens and Bo Burnham.

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