S3Ep8: Chicken Wings Contest Champ(s). Fans N Eggs Reunion. Ayo is a Bull. Sox + Cubs Making Moves.

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Tons to talk about as the 2021 Bears training camp is open, Zero Doinks has another red hot new single and every Chicago sports team has had a newsworthy week. Our own @rickfeelsmen was live on the scene at Halas Hall and provides the listeners with a perspective only he could offer. How are things looking thus far for Justin Fields and the rest of the Bears, plus what type of shrapnel is left-over now that Aaron Rodgers has taken the Packers' franchise as his personal hostage. The MLB trade deadline has come and gone - what does Dan Doinks think about the depletion of his beloved Cubs? Did Bill's White Sox do enough to put itself in the Fall Classic? Tons of your favorite Fans 'N Eggs join Dan and Bill for a reunion of sorts and you won't want to miss what Darren in Dublin brings to the table. Interviews and highlights from The Hot Ten's charity event of the year filled with chicken wings, hot sauce and multiple championships. Plus did you hear? Ayo Donsunmu is a Bull! Lots to hit your ears as Zero Doinks now goes weekly through the end of the NFL season. Thanks for listening!

0:00 - 04:10 - Debut of new Zero Doinks song "To Be With You" courtesy of Bill Doinks (thank you Mr. Big and Justin Fields for the inspiration) + intro

04:10 - 05:19 - What's on tap tonight?

05:19 - 22:25 - Justin Fields is Gold. Early camp reports on Justin. JF1 met the Chicago media in person for the first time in his life, poor guy.

22:25 - 57:50 - Bears and NFL Chatter. Should we be concerned about Teven Jenkins's back? Eddie Goldman showed up, sorry Brad Biggs. Tons of weirdness around the league, including Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and Vikings Covid-19 QBs. Surprising amount of clown talk.

57:50 - 92:07 - Fans 'N Eggs. Your favorite guest fans from around the country join Zero Doinks for a reunion.

92:07 - 124:50 - Hamms 'N Eggs. Recap of The Hot Ten experience with aspiring Chicago Bears beat reporter @rickfeelsmen on the grounds, interviewing contestants galore. Plus a glimpse inside the party van.

124:50 - 135:27 - Hamms 'N Bread. Tons of Olympic options to toss some cash on. Exclusive bookmaking sharp @rickfeelsmen gives his hot picks but not in the way you might expect.

135:27 - 136:14 - Where you can find us on the interwebs

136:04 - 150:59 - Hamms 'N Ted. Cubs are dead. White Sox are not. Crosstown trades galore. Nick Madrigal on the north side.

150:59 - 162:03 - B1G Minute. College football training camps are open throughout the country. Kofi Cockburn is back in Champaign for one more year. Ayo Dosunmu is a Bull.

162:03 - 167:15 - Outro chatter. Hamm's Special Light is dead? Shout-outs galore.

167:15 - END - Outro music and bonus audio. Thank you to Sufjan Stevens for some of the music.

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