S4Ep1: Bon Voyage Khalil Mack. Signings and Cuts in the Poles Era. Rodgers Is Back. Illini Four Seed in March Madness.

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If there was any doubt Ryan Poles was going to start slow, the trading of Khalil Mack and additional cutting of three bloated contracts shows otherwise. Welcome to the kick off show for Season 4 of Zero Doinks. We can't believe we haven't been imprisoned yet so consider everyone lucky I suppose. We'll discuss the quick start to free agency for Poles and the Bears as well as discuss our feelings about Mack now being a LA Charger. Lots of QB news throughout the league, including that idiot up north. With March Madness starting this week, you know resident whale, shark and sharp Rick Feelsmen has some hot hot picks for your consideration. How is Bill feeling about the chances for the #4 seed Fighting Illini? Are the boys getting together for some Friday madness? Plus tons more!

00:00 - 02:28 - Intro sound taking us back to S3 finale and a very special character that is mentioned frequently on Zero Doinks. Thank you to Coach Cuse for the fresh sound for the intro.

02:28 - 04:54 - What's on tap tonight?

04:54 - 48:22 - Bears and NFL Chitter Chatter. Khalil Mack has been traded. Goldman, Cohen, Danny T released. New GM Ryan Poles made his first signing in DT Larry Ogunjobi. So many holes to fill, so little time (that's what she said). QB chatter from around the league, including America's weird uncle Aaron Rodgers, new Broncos QB Russell Wilson, plus old flame Mitch Trubisky lands in the Steel City. Is Virginia okay?

48:22 - 74:53 - Hamm's N Bread. America's weirdest gambling segment featuring Hamm's N Spread, starring resident shark, sharp and whale Rick Feelsmen. So many NCAA wagers to consider for March Madness. The boys finish with the segment within the segment within the segment, Toffee's Corner, where Everton FC is lamented for their mediocrity.

74:53 - 76:16 - Where can you find us on the interwebs?

76:16 - 89:29 - Big Ten Minute. Bill's Illini are a four seed, hoping to get back to the Sweet 16 for the first time in nearly 20 years. The B1G champs had an early B1G tournament exit but maybe that's a good thing?

89:29 - 109:44 - Let's Wrap this M'Fer Up. Did Gray Balls protect the crown? Hey, baseball is back, when will we start caring? How far are the Bulls going to make it in the NBA playoffs? An old fuzzy friend makes an appearance on Prime.

109:44 - END - Some sound nuggets.

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