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Stephen explains what's going on to Kayla, hilarity ensues. A weekly audio download. The news cycles is complicated, we'll figure it out together. Covering U.S. and World news, music, pop culture and weird stories, it's a current events chat show that looks at the world with humor and compassion. Stephen's been paying attention, Kayla hasn't; one of them has something to say that you'll like (it's probably Kayla).
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It’s our final episode and we’re having a stew party! Stephen takes one last crack at sketching out a theory of everything. It’s basically things are bad, it takes a lot of work, then they get better. Also, Kayla is going on vacation and Stephen has one last story about his kids.Bởi Stephen and Kayla
For the most part, the way the government runs isn't set in laws, but rather is governed by norms of behavior. What happens when we have an abnormal president? The short answer is, things don't run. There's a longer answer though. Also, Kayla's got some hot Katy Perry gossip, and Stephen's got good news and bad news.…
In any other administration the scandals at the EPA would have dominated the news cycle for weeks on end. But, this one's... different. So, what's the EPA? What does it do? Who's running it? And what are the scandals? Also, Kayla's been spring cleaning, and Stephen is doesn't know who is he is anymore (it's a dad, he's a dad).…
We follow back up on a bunch of stories from this season: Catalonia Independence, Kurdish Independence, the FCC and Net Neutrality, and Puerto Rico. Basically things are either the same, or worse. Also, Kayla getting ready for vacation and Stephen's phone is spying on him.Bởi Stephen and Kayla
Teachers are striking all over the country, especially in states that voted for President Trump. So, how do schools get funded in America, and what do these strikes mean? Also, Kayla's got the hot celebrity goss, and Stephen's big breakfast reminds him of his own mortality.Bởi Stephen and Kayla
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