The Artful Coach - Episode 7: Possibilities

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Typically, clients come to me because they have a goal they want to accomplish, but seem stuck in achieving it or they are assuming a larger leadership opportunity and know there are some major shifts they need to make to be effective in the new roles. When my coaching clients have successfully made a significant shift or accomplished a goal, I often ask them, “so, now what’s possible for you?” After they are unstuck and moving forward or successfully made some shifts, a whole new set of possibilities awaits them. They have reached a new level and new things are possible that were not possible before. Consider several questions: • What does getting to the next level mean for you? • What would be possible for you if were at the next level? • Who would you need to become if you want to be successful at that level? • What actions do you need to take to begin that journey? • Who do you trust to share the goal and to hold you accountable to you? These are simple little questions, but seriously addressing them could open a world of possibilities for you

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