Author Graham Mackintosh On His Famed Book Into A Desert Place

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"The key to victory is throwing yourself at it and see what happens." Napoleon

Graham Mackintosh won the UK Adventurous Traveller of the Year Award in 1987 for his walk around the Baja peninsula from 1983-1985. He captured the experience of his extraordinary voyage in his 1988 book Into a Desert Place.

Growing up in England as admitted couch potato, Mackintosh became obsessed with the idea of walking the entire Baja peninsula and writing a book about it. He was utterly unprepared for what he was embarking on, from finding scorpions in his swim trunks to eating rattlesnakes and cactus for two years. "I was the last person in the world who should be doing this, but if I could do it, anybody could."

Graham Mackintosh is the author of four Baja books:

Into a Desert Place

Journey With a Baja Burro

Nearer my Dog to Thee

Marooned With Very Little Beer

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