How does water temp affect trout behavior? With John McMillan

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This week I am delighted to have biologist John McMillan back as my guest. John gives us a detailed view on the affect of water temperature on a trout's metabolism, particularly at the upper end of their safe range. In this summer of low flows and high water temperatures nearly everywhere in North America, it's a critical topic. And as usual, John puts his critical eye on how we, as anglers, can mitigate these effects by changing our fishing behavior. John is never without optimism, and I think you'll enjoy his discussion and learn more about trout biology and how we can be more responsible anglers.

In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and tips from listeners: Why did my guide tell me to use heavier tippets? Why did she suggest this would put less stress on the fish? A suggestion from a listener on getting an old bamboo rod and refurbishing it to bring one back to life. What is the difference between hen and partridge? How do I know where to find trout streams? What size should I tie my ants in? A new way of tying a clinch knot with heaver hooks is suggested by a listener Why, when fishing with a dry dropper, do I only catch browns on the nymph and only cutthroats on the dry? What do you suggest for catching pressured largemouths in summer? A belated Father's Day message Can I use the Euro nymphing method from a drift boat or float tube? Why am I having trouble mending at 30 feet with a dry dropper? When tying a Chubby Chernobyl, how do you get the legs to separate? When you see a large mammal like a beaver or otter in the river, is it time to move on? Why do I catch myself with my fly when casting? Is it OK to dry my waders and boots in the sun? How should I handle my gear for air travel? Why do I keep losing fish when using bead head flies? Does using a frog pattern change the flex of my rod? Why do Scandinavians hold their rods so high when playing a fish?

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