Pick of the Week #795 – Amazing Fantasy #2

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While Josh Flanagan awaits his bail hearing, former co-host Paul Montgomery grabs the mic to join Conor Kilpatrick to talk about a very strange week of comics, the problems with The Great Gatsby characters' hair colors, and dive deep on the science of speedsters.

Running Time: 00:55:00

Pick of the Week:

00:01:31 - Amazing Fantasy #2


00:11:05 - Avengers Annual #1

00:15:26 - Superman '78 #1

00:17:59 - Thor #16

00:24:25 - The Great Gatsby #2

00:27:11 - Winter Guard #1

00:29:50 - Superman: Son of Kal-El #2

00:33:52 - Strange Academy #12

Patron Pick:

00:35:42 - Echolands #1

Patron Thanks:

00:41:06 - Neato Bazzeato

00:41:38 - Daniel Vroman

00:42:15 - Chris Wig

00:42:40 - Sam Conte

Listener Mail:

00:43:29 - Patrick K. from North Carolina thinks that speedsters are jerks.

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