Ep. 13 - Gabbing about 'Crop Circle Jerk' and Improv on Tape Ep. 5, 'Capri Sun for the Soul'

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Didn't think I'd get this one up in time, lol!

Greetings all! In this episode, we discuss...

* Ongoing Audioverse Award delay

* If we won lots of moneh!

* Stuff that has *NOTHING* to do with King Falls AM or Improv on Tape!

* The actual episodes!

* Cynthia not blinded by the light NOR by science!

* A super cool clearly placed in edit tone around 49:12!

We hope all of you are doing wicked good out there; if not, we're sorry, and we feel you. Stay safe and try to stay warm. Spring is on its way. :) - Dawn and Dana

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