50: Sugababes Part 3 - "Change" and "Catfights and Spotlights" | 2000s Pop Music Podcast

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Can we bring yesterday back around, pop fans? Because the wait is finally over for one of our most requested episodes yet: Sugababes Part 3! Casually arriving hot on the heels of the Babes' 20th anniversary reissue of "One Touch" and news of them headlining Mighty Hoopla next year.

Join Joel and David as we jump back to 2007 to celebrate one of Britain's greatest girl groups, the Sugababes, in their proper huge mainstream era "Change", which saw them top the album charts and score their sixth No.1 single with 'About You Now' - a mere six months after their last joint No.1 single with Girls Aloud for Comic Relief: 'Walk This Way'. What a year!

As well as all your "Change" highlights like 'Denial', 'My Love Is Pink' and 'Never Gonna Dance Again', the Right Back At Ya! boys also reminisce on Keisha, Heidi and Amelle's iconic live gigs, promo appearances and music videos.

We also shine a light on their often sidelined sixth album "Catfights and Spotlights", which showed off a brilliantly sophisticated vintage soul/funk sound. From the Boots anthem 'Girls' and 'No Can Do' through to fan faves like 'Side Chick' and 'You On A Good Day', there's something for everyone here.

You'll know this from Parts 1 and 2 of our Sugababes episodes earlier this year but Right Back At Ya! is all about showing love and putting respect on all six 'Babes. Stay tuned for our "Sweet 7" episode coming real soon!
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