011 Illusion of Control

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Grab your favorite cup of warm, tasty life-altering potion, get busy on your favorite knick-knackery, and enjoy the ride, the heartbeat of the Mad Christian network is the community that gathers here, so don't hesitate to jump into the comments. It's a village, not a club, and we plan to be here a while: like, till the end of the world. So calm down: remember that rest is from God: and thank him for Saturday mornings on which there is no better thing to do than ponder life in his universe and... chill.

This week, the Mad Christian and Meridith speak about:

00:00 Fisk family happenings, when our children are hurt and reminders that our kids belong to God
09:23 Compline prayers to share at children's bedtime
13:30 High-church and "Bronze age"Lutheranism
35:43 Dependence on medication and our lives being in God's hands
47:15 God has set our days
50:36 Why did Luther not like the epistle of James?
01:03:53 Do you know anything about PRAXiS?
01:16:16 My wife and I disagree about inoculating our children
01:32:19 Finding a church with good doctrine, which accepts our autistic son
01:53:35 Modesty and activewear

The opinions expressed on the SMChill are those of RevFisk, and Meridith but sometimes also God. Studies show that learning to tell the difference greatly enhances your viewing experience.

If you need help, the Holy Bible stands ready to assist you, as (hopefully) does your local, trustworthy pastor.

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