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Floop. Thumb Thumbs. Fooglies. ‘Spy Kids’ is nothing if not bonkers and utterly memorable. It’s certainly a Robert Rodriguez joint, with all the flair, eyebrow arching, and action to satisfy all but the most demanding of filmgoers. The story and characters have heart, the gadgets were the height of coolness as a young viewer, and the solid Latin roots set this movie apart from other kid’s movie in the same time period. Like any good children’s media there are some truly horrifying images that could be considered baby’s intro to body horror, and the vagueness of the secret agencies lends the story a timeless quality other movies don’t have (lookin at you, Agent Cody Banks). This is the movie that led countless kids to want to be spies when they grew up, only to find that the fantasy was much more exciting and colorful than reality. Maybe that’s just Henri speaking from experience. Strap on your Machete BuddyPack and join us on this wild ride.

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