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It's Valentine's Day! The one day a year in which you are obligated to show love to your significant other, as if that's not the case every other day of the year! Neither Red-Eye nor Erratic Asthmatic have partners that they will cherish today, though they are looking forward to tomorrow which happens to be Singles Awareness Day! The day to acknowledge the existence of all of those who do not have a partner, and not much more. Although, Valentine's Day this year is not only the day to shower your partner with overpriced chocolates, it is also Football Hangover Day! The Superbowl was just yesterday and we know a lot of people have gotten more drunk than they should have.

Join us in our discussion! Do you have a partner you are celebrating with? Perhaps you are waiting for tomorrow's Singles Awareness Day? What do you think is the best gifts and/or date night activities? How much of a hangover do you have from cheering on yesterday's Superbowl? Did you enjoy the halftime show? Let us know everything!

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