060 How to Achieve Your Goals Faster with Rebecca Whitehall

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How to Achieve Your Goals Faster

We have various ways of our setting our goals and we have great desires to achieve them. When we set a goal we are motivated and have lots energy.

Sometimes however, our goals take a lot longer to achieve or sometimes we never reach them, despite the fact we’ve done all right things.

What we don’t know - is that there are energies at work that can hinder us reaching those goals. On

the other hand those energies can work for us and rocket us to getting to our goal.

Our guest Rebecca Whitehall will uncover the mystery about those unseen energies and how we can harness them for our benefit to achieve our goals faster.


Rebecca is an expert in diagnostic and rebalancing the body’s energy fields, which she learned in the process of healing herself from a major health challenge. This led her to begin testing the energy fields called The Energy Field Evaluation where she identifies blocks in the mental, physical and cellular levels of the body, then she clears them through various energy techniques. Now she teaches Secrets to Master Your Thoughts Course, which assists individuals achieve their goals faster by clearing blocks at all those levels.

She has a book coming out Fall 2021 based on the topic of testing and revitalizing the energy fields, Master the Power, Revitalize the Body’s Energy Fields to Health and a children’s activity book coming out Summer 2021 in three different languages English, French and Spanish, named Paws For Gratitude.



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