NRL Allstars - Supercoach TLT Round 5

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The Allstars Podcast has your Supercoach covered with in depth talk and rotating guests from the NRL and Supercoach world. This Supercoach episode for TLT round 5 Barnesy is joined by Wilfred Zee (AKA Catfish), 2016 overall winner and co-host of the SC Champions Podcast. We go through strategy talk and then the round ahead. We look at all the big buys of the week, break even decisions, captaincy options and much more in detail to answer all the Supercoach questions ahead of round 5 kickoff. Available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Audible. Follow the Podcast on Twitter @NRL_SC_Allstars. Sponsored by TopSport, if you want to have a responsible gamble open an account on TopSport today with promo code SCALLSTARS to be taken care of as a valued listener of the podcast.

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