The Real Agenda Behind Roe V. Wade, WHPA, And The U.S Supreme Court Leak

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A Draft of a majority opinion in the Supreme Court regarding Roe v. Wade’s constitutional standing was leaked to the public. The draft elects that abortion laws should be left in the hands of the states. Today the Senate also voted down the WHPA Act. #RoevWade #Prolife #Abortion #WHPA

Pro-Choice supporters are overwhelmingly Democrats and they argue that abortion is a women’s health issue. US treasury secretary Janet Yellen also claims that abortion allows women a more equal opportunity in the economy because they choose to finish school, thus allowing them to obtain higher-paying jobs. Both of these arguments are weak and baseless and hold no significant reflection on actual abortion statistics. How did the leak happen? My opinion is that someone connected to Kentanji Brown Jackson leaked the report. Democrats have more to lose if the court gave the power to the states. On the flip side, the Democratic Party has an overwhelming incentive with this leak.

Abortion is a heated topic in every single presidential, and state election. It is one of the largest issues that separate the two parties. The possibility of any changes being made to Roe V. Wade by the supreme court and a leak like this, at this coincidental time in the midterm process could serve as a much-need catalyst to rally Democratic voters to show up during midterm elections and give a much need boost to a currently failing party. The supreme court leak is just too much of a coincidence. Problems for the Democrats: If abortion were completely eliminated it could have costly impacts on their already costly policy ideas such as: the fully refundable Child tax credit that the BBB loan is trying to indefinitely extend, Free or subsidized Child Care services Immigration regulation and expansion It takes 18 years for a child to vote, and offers an accelerated path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is much more feasible than lowering the voting age below 18 years old Giving the power of abortion to the states could: strengthen religious beliefs and practices (many of these beliefs completely counter the ideology of the left.) It would strengthen the power of the state governments which in turn strengthens the Republic of the United States and the institutions connected to it like the electoral college (something the Dems have recently proposed to abolish). This would shift power away from DC and weaken the Federal government.

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