215: Scales Tales | New Zealand and Beyond - How Troy Trewin Scaled an Online Course for Distilleries

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Troy Trewin always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur when he grew up. Having witnessed the successes as well as the struggles of his family’s business, he had a leg up on what it took to grow and scale a company. So, after three years of working for one of the world’s accounting firms, he started two internet companies.

And he learned a lot! Namely, he grew weary of running service-based businesses. That’s when Troy decided to shift into managing product-based businesses.

The product of choice? Whisky!

It was 2011 and over the next decade, his involvement in the distillery business included everything from helping a friend start a distillery from the ground up to functioning as CEO over distilleries to serving on the boards of many other distilleries. When a friend mentioned having trouble scaling a Whisky Academy business in 2019, Troy suggested she change the business model from in-person to online.

The timing could not have been more perfect – he along with two others joined forces with his friend in a partnership that started The Distillers Institute. In this episode, he describes the business infrastructure put into place that enabled them to legalize their partnership, build an online course, and launch it in only 9 months…during a pandemic!

Discover how they scaled from 60 students to 400 in less than two years, the people, processes, and tools they leveraged to achieve this scale and their plans for expanding across the world.

📝 Access Troy’s Resources & Show Notes: https://www.eqbsystems.com/podcast/215-scale-tales-new-zealand-and-beyond-how-troy-trewin-scaled-an-online-course-for-distilleries

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