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Jay Rodriguez

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Bilingual Broadcasting Network we are not the competition we are the difference. Our shows are in English and Spanish. Sabado En la Noche is a bilingual show that showcases the new , the present, and future music from all genres and what is out there to make you dance! DJ RajaTabla is the iconic host that makes the show a great time! La Sateria Live! Many other shows please visit often so you don't miss out! Support this podcast:
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Being on social media is important, but you don’t have to be on every platform. Figure out where YOUR audience is. When someone Googles your business name, your organic social media presence will appear on the first page, so organic social media is important for your brand. In this episode, Josh McGee from BBN partner TricomB2B answers questions li…
esta en manos del Senado de USA “The cure to the liberal affliction.” Conservative Talk Radio in English and Spanish! Hosts: Jay J Rodríguez Harris es puertorriqueña? Democrats in hate Trump media frenzy. ¡Qué pasa en Puerto Rico ahora! ¡La solución para la estadidad en Puerto Rico Update Venezuela "Listen To Me:” airs every Tuesday at 5:00 pm on w…
Our guest today is a professional and deliberate networker who knows a thing or two about creating and nurturing authentic business relationships. In today's world, networking is a necessity. It can help nurture leads which develop into lucrative business opportunities. But, for many of us, it's not easy. In fact, it can be extremely daunting, espe…
El pasado es bello cuando uno recuerdo las melodías que nos hacían soñar. La risa es necesaria. Gemas del Bolero Latino con los que yo crecí escuchando, dónde nació mi amor por la música, además de prestaciones. Aquí mi volumen uno. 1965-1983 DJ Raja Tabla Orlando, Florida 0109/2023 AD --- Support this podcast:…
Contamos a história como consta no folheto, Turismo de Ibirá "A História conta que..." A Agua Mineral Vanádica, Alcalina, Bicarbonatada e Flouretada do Brasil. Mais informaçoes: Balneário Evaristo Mendes Seixas, Parque das Termas de Ibira, SPởi Tom Reaoch
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