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What can physicians do in their hospitals and communities to advocate for fair drug prices? What questions should we ask our patients to assess for financial toxicity? In the final episode of the season, we discuss the steps doctors can be taking now to help solve the drug pricing problem.Bởi instituteforclinicalandeconomicreview
If we only look at the benefits that a drug provides to those patients who take it, we may underestimate its value by ignoring the benefits it provides to the broader healthcare system. In episode 7, we reveal some of the other reasons that can make a drug more valuable than first meets the eye.Bởi instituteforclinicalandeconomicreview
In episode 5, we review the variety of approaches one might take to settle on what the “fair” price of a drug should be. The most logical solution to this problem is to price the value—set a drug’s price commensurate with the clinical benefits it provides.Bởi instituteforclinicalandeconomicreview
What motivates a drug manufacturer to create a drug in the first place? How do firms stretch the limits of these incentives? In episode 4, we discuss how the “ecosystem” of drug development in the US has led to truly remarkable innovation but also runaway drug prices.Bởi instituteforclinicalandeconomicreview
Drugmakers, pharmacies, wholesale distributors, physicians, pharmacy benefit managers—the world of prescription drugs can seem extraordinarily complex. In episode 3, we disentangle this spider’s web and answer the question: who decides how much our patients pay at the pharmacy?Bởi instituteforclinicalandeconomicreview
In the first episode of the series, we discuss the problem of skyrocketing drug prices and the harmful effects they have on our patients. Not only must patients decide what their medications are worth to them, but payers introduce barriers that limit patients’ access to care. More broadly, we also review the ways that drug prices affect all of our …
In a new podcast series from the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), neurologist Dr. Jason Crowell sits down with ICER’s President Dr. Steve Pearson to pry open the black box of US drug pricing and to wrestle with each of the financial and ethical tensions that undergird our current medical infrastructure. A must-listen for physician…
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