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The 2014 Dunlop MSA Formula Ford Championship of Great Britain will be contested over 30 races, offering what is believed to be the highest number of races of any junior single-seater formula, giving drivers the maximum competitive time behind the wheel and exceptional value for money. The combination of 10 events in front of the BTCC’s massive spectator fanbase, allied to the speed and durability of the new Formula Ford EcoBoost 200 – not to mention the exciting new element that will come w ...
Great Britain at War

Great Britain at War

Jeffery Farnol by

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The book follows Jeffery Farnol as he visits a number of key locations around Britain and on the continent, each demonstrating how members of English society have come together to work towards the goal of "defeating the hun". On a visit to a naval dockyard, he reports on how the ships are being constructed, takes us on a tour of a destroyer and introduces us to the crew. He also visits a machine gun factory, and discovers how the great guns are built. His tour continues onto the continent wh ...
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show series - The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has urged the UK government to ease post-Brexit UK immigration rules to help companies facing staff shortages recruit more workers from overseas. The CBI c… Tweeted by @iam_immigration… - Brexit has left EU nationals feeling vulnerable and sometimes unwelcome in the UK. Sara Benedi Lahuerta and Ingi Iusmen (University of Southampton) carried out research among Polish nationals in So… Tweeted by @NE4EUởi Radio Free UK - BORIS Johnson has been urged to cut the UK's cord with the EU and revert to WTO trade rules after the latest firebrand rhetoric from Emmanuel Macron. Tweeted by @FlowersEnglishởi Radio Free UK - There are already queues of lorries outside the Port of Dover. The port's boss and MPs explained to Joel Hills why the queues are about to get longer. | ITV National News Tweeted by @Wiznyme1ởi Radio Free UK - In the 1970 general election he stood at Paisley as a candidate for the Liberal Party (which later combined with the SDP to form the Liberal Democrats), but later rejected the party's support because… Tweeted by @cpeedellởi Radio Free UK - LONDON (AP) — Revelations that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his staff partied while Britain was in a coronavirus lockdown have provoked public outrage and led some members of his Conservative Par… Tweeted by @RealPhatsBlogởi Radio Free UK - Queues of lorries backed up waiting to be processed at the Port of Dover are now so long the huge tailbacks can be seen on Google Maps satellite images. Tweeted by @EllzSummaryởi Radio Free UK - In the hopes of becoming a frontrunner in biotechnology following Brexit, the UK has announced new legislation cutting what it deems as “unnecessary” red tape to encourage gene-editing research. Tweeted by @EURACTIVởi Radio Free UK - From Prosecco to vanilla, many sought-after products have become so popular that some companies have rushed to bring out similar items at an enticingly cheap price. Tweeted by @_Belford_ởi Radio Free UK - BREXIT BRITAIN is "powering ahead of its European competitors" according to one commentator who has hailed a major success for the UK. Tweeted by @RealDidierUKởi Radio Free UK - IFA Deputy President Brian Rushe led a delegation from the National Potato Committee to meet Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue to discuss the impact of Brexit on Irish potato farmers and s… Tweeted by @IFAmediaởi Radio Free UK - One year on from the UK leaving the EU on 31 December 2020, we review the evolving approach taken by the English Courts when faced with disputes over jurisdiction. In our first publication of March 2… Tweeted by @ESgloballaw… - Over the last year, businesses have had to deal with unprecedented uncertainty. We look at how our key 50 cities will recover and explore FDI investment. Tweeted by @irwinmitchellởi Radio Free UK - newspaper headlines, THE EU has arguably been humiliated by Brexit Britain in its reaction to the Russia-Ukraine crisis, as Germany has been forced to deny reports that Tweeted by @newsoneplaceởi Radio Free UK - Following a surge in activity in Q4 2020, before Brexit border controls were introduced on 1st January 2021, overall volumes at Dublin Port declined in Q4 2021... Tweeted by @TransInfoENG1ởi Radio Free UK - This year I have pretty much been unable to keep track of time in any way apart from when the next round of coronavirus restrictions might lift. But one milestone I did notice, and you may have too, … Tweeted by @Zer0Booksởi Radio Free UK - News Fall Out No 10 workforce partied till the early hours of the morning in a seven-hour ingesting consultation at the eve of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral, it's Tweeted by @Faewikởi Radio Free UK - National Highways rejected claims that they would have deliberately switched off traffic cameras showing Brexit-related lorry queues. Tweeted by @piyakhannaởi Radio Free UK - Boris Johnson is embroiled in a crisis over allegations of numerous parties held in Downing Street while the rest of the UK was in lockdown. Is this the end for the British Prime Minister? Tweeted by @ToddZywickiởi Radio Free UK - Carole Cadwalladr, who works for the Guardian Media Group in the UK, is being sued as an individual by millionaire businessman and political donor Arron Banks, best known for his role as co-founder o… Tweeted by @PinePinionởi Radio Free UK
In this mini Podcast for Derbyshire and Proud Facebook Page, Richard talks about Derbyshire probably having more Stately Homes or Houses open to the public than any other county in Great Britain. All full of wonderful history from centuries past and in this mini podcast Richard tells the history of Sutton Scarsdale Hall that's interleaved with the …
In this Podcast Richard explains about Poltergeist. What he believes they are and stories of investigations that he has undertaken. He believes that Poltergeist exist and so do local City Councils that printed leaflets and information sheets that where distributed to tenants about Poltergeist.Bởi Richard Felix the Ghost Man
EWTN GB's Kevin Turley is joined this week from #Brussels by academic and social entrepreneur Dr. Amal Marogy and also from #Bruges by photographer, Selina de Maeyer. Their conversation on board the Euro Express ranges across the nature of beauty, and its intersection with the transcendent as expressed in the arts, especially so in the art of #phot…
Today we have with us from Sweden Ulf Silfverling – former Lutheran and now the Director of EWTN Sweden and we are also joined by Nikola Bolšec, the President of the Croatian Chesterton Club. In this episode our guests talk about:➤ the situation of the Catholic Church in their own countries,➤ young people rediscovering their faith,➤ GK Chesterton,a…
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