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Ladies, ever wonder what your man talks about when he's out with his friends? Gentlemen, do you miss the camaraderie you shared with your buddies back in the good ole days, before marriage, kids, and that shit-hole you call a workplace consumed every waking second of your life? ZIM/ZERS have you not figured out what question you want answered from above. Well then, The Irreverent Show is for YOU!!! Join us every week as we answer these questions and more, you'll wonder how you made it this e ...
If you like curling up in front of a roaring fire with nice leather-bound 1st edition podcast, then join us on Literary Loitering as we explore the stranger side of culture and the arts, talk about books, find new ways to use old insults, and sometimes even have the odd quiz!
The Irreverent Gentleman's Podcast focuses on life skills, basic business practices, positive/counter manipulation, social interaction, tips and tricks for life, and a variety of other topics tying in examples from classical literature to modern T.V. and games. The modern world's problems find their solutions in the past to build towards the future. Help us save the world one idea at a time.
Jason and Adam might not know everything about football, but they sure think they do. Featuring exclusive interviews with professional players, coaches and executives, join The Young Gaffers every week as they bring you their refreshing, ridiculous, and uniquely Canadian perspective on all corners of the soccer world. From the Canadian Premier League to Major League Soccer, from the top flights of Europe to the FIFA World Cup, nobody is safe from this irreverent look at The Beautiful Game.
Mrs Moneypenny, beloved Financial Times columnist, and her editor interview the world's most successful people in business, media, arts, entertainment, finance, academia and politics. Like Sir David Attenborough, the intrepid duo ventures to their subjects’ natural habitat. In their quest to figure out how this rare species of homo erectus lives and works they corner plutocrats at Davos parties and hitch a ride with America’s most famous living feminist. Fielding irreverent questions about s ...
Los Hijos Del Maíz, es un show matutino emitido de 8am-11am, tratamos temas de interés para la comunidad, deportes, espectaculos, guerra de chistes, todo está basado en la comedia, para comenzar bien el día. Le hablare un poco más del equipo de locutores que conforman el show. Rubén Pérez (El hueso) Versátil, creativo, dinámico y creador del personaje que participa en el show ''El Macanas'' Un poco irreverente, pero muy divertido! Rubén Pérez tiene experiencia como productor de radio. Estuvo ...
A podcast about justice. According to Wikipedia, Taking the piss is a British idiomatic phrase meaning to take liberties at the expense of others, or to be joking, or to be unreasonable. It is a shortening of the idiom taking the piss out of, which is an expression meaning to mock, tease, joke, ridicule, or scoff. It is not to be confused with "taking a piss", which refers to the act of urinating. Ft. Worth attorney, Reagan Wynn, and Nashville private investigator, Hal Humphreys, explore top ...
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-Zouain’s cult idea is stolen by the Family Research Council.-James explains the difference between Neo-fundamentalism and the OG flavor.-Walgreens’ vague contraception policy could be problematic. FamilyResearcouncil #Flyingspaghettimonster #FundamentalChristianity #MAGA ZouainEntertainment #TheEndFM #TheHIjack #Irreverent #MondayMusicMix #Podcast…
An Overland Park native with a passion for sports and the business of presenting it from an early age, Dave Stewart has been a decades long institution on the area media scene. Full of great names and places, and a zest for work and family.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
Having a blast with a blast from the past. One of my first podcasts is a reconfigured blog I loved about the fine line between art and cheese in soft rock. A faithful reading and some fun surprises in a cool look back.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
A busy time right now for the Negro Leagues Museum’s President, as Buck O’Neil finally gets the Hall's call. We chat with him about that, and then reprise his fascinating profile conversation from a couple years back.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
The always informative and entertaining music discussion weighs in on historic times at Newport Folk, docs with legends, major ticket issues, touring strain and more. In focus Springsteen, Petty, Joni Mitchell, Brandi Carlisle, Sarah Jarosz, Austin City Limits, and many others. Enjoy!Bởi Danny Clinkscale
The couples view of life life ponders possible travel destinations, and looks at the pleasures of new musical discoveries, the vagaries of reading tastes, the guilty pleasure of the soap opera, and more. Enjoy!Bởi Danny Clinkscale
Overcoming a devastating accident as a child, Alan became a multi-sport star in his youth, a two-sport college All American, as a goalkeeper, one of the standout players in U.S. Pro Soccer of the 70’s and 80’s, and a member of six Halls of Fame, A remarkable journey brightly told.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
The always informative and enjoyable musical excursion cruises into concert memories of Sheryl Crow, The Killers, The Warped Tour, Queen, and others. Documentaries good, and not so, with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, steamy summer tales, and much more.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
Baseball hits the All-Star break with various intriguing stories here with the Royals and around MLB, an epic Open championship sees an underdog steal the show magnificently, Sporting has a dud, the Chiefs creep towards camp, and much more!Bởi Danny Clinkscale
A fascinating chat with Gene Fox. A self-described ragamuffin who left a difficult childhood behind to creatively chart every step in a career in newspaper and television reporting, conservation, and more. Filled with stars and stories, and told with aplomb.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
Three good friends sit down and try the impossible, putting their favorite movies in three categories, Finest Films, Favorites, and Guilty pleasures. Too many to really categorize perfectly, but an enjoyable enterprise to spark some memories and discussion.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
So yea, it's been a hot minute, but I'm back, with a new cohost, Riva, and we're talking about Star wars, cause why the hell not? To sync the commentary up with the movie start the track as soon as the 20th Centrury logo disappears. We watched the De-specialized version, which can be streamed here:…
A week before the All-Star break, a check-in with the Royals with chats with Matheny and Benintendi, Sporting bags an unlikely but welcome road win, Wimbledon highlights greatness, and silly golf times in Tahoe, and in the real thing the lead up to The Open.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
A fascinating conversation with Bill Hartnett. The Blue Springs native has been integral in myriad productions in Kansas City and around the world, with Starlight Theater, Universal Studios, the Kansas City Ballet, Plaza Lighting Ceremony, Symphony of the Flint Hills, and much more as part of a remarkable story chronicled with style.…
We are chock full of great documentary recommendations and other lively conversation. Featuring Muscle Shoals, inspired drummers, the Nashville songwriting scene, and much more. Steve Winwood, Pink, Keith Richard, Lucinda Williams, Kasey Musgraves, Keb Mo, Cream, and others part of the mix. Enjoy!Bởi Danny Clinkscale
a timely and enjoyable conversation with Dani Welniak highlighting an amazing trail of accomplishment for a still young lady from pro football to television to her new challenge with the Kansas City Current women’s pro soccer team, all with faith and family in focus. It weaves an amazing conversation.…
A look at the new film "The Phantom of The Open" highlighting the story of middle-aged dreamer Maurice Flitcroft, who somehow plays the 1976 British Open qualifier, despite barely having played the game. Mark Rylance and Sally Hawkins shine in this funny, touching, and inspiring little film.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
-(extra segment) Roe V Wade Overturned… now what?-Trump Jr Blasts Texas GOP for barring gay republicans-Southern Baptist Convention Sex Scandals-SBC & The Honoring Of Slave Owners roevwade #abortionrights #SCOTUS #Abortion #WomensRights ZouainEntertainment #TheEndFM #TheHIjack #Irreverent #MondayMusicMix #Podcast #currentevents #Podcasts #Politics …
A rare form of cancer knocked Blair Kerkhoff for a loop in late 2021, but recovery has gone well and we catch up with the award winning KC Star writer now, and revisit our engaging and enjoyable profile from a couple of years back.Bởi Danny Clinkscale
As engaging and eclectic as ever, the music discussion views concerts, events, documentaries, and personalities including McCartney, Brian Wilson, The Rolling Stones, Marty Stuart, Top of The Pops, and even hockey history. Enjoy!Bởi Danny Clinkscale
It’s Father’s Day Weekend and the banter battle has big events left and right to dive into. World Cup, World Champs, NBA greats arguments, U.S. Open, and….well, then there’s the Royals. Toss in trivia and laughs for good measure!Bởi Danny Clinkscale
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