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The Makeup Show is a makeup and beauty focused Podcast hosted by Danessa Myricks and James Vincent. This podcast puts all things makeup center stage. Join in and listen as the duo talk product, gives tips, separates fact from fiction and offers insight, inspiration and information for professional artists and passionate makeup enthusiasts. Danessa Myricks and James Vincent have decades of experience in the industry as educators, brand developers, beauty editors and more. They are recognized ...
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We have scaled back to every other week as catching up with business while things slowly reopen. This week James and Danessa get on withb special guest Joy Fennell to talk about being an ally and what it means for diversity in the beauty industry. @thejoyinbeauty @allblackeverythingsummitBởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
Community building has never been more important than ever before. This week James and Danessa invite on celebrity hair stylist Michael Duenas to talk about mentorship and his new charity Support Creatives. https://www.supportcreatives.org/ @michaelDuenasBởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
Things are still strange out there and a lot of artists have been reaching out about how they are going back to work now or in the near future. This week in response to all of the questions, James and Danessa talk about the future of the industry and what makeup will look like post COVID-19 as well as tackle smart ways to build your kit for the new…
How can we try and keep ourselves positive in the face of so much uncertainty? That is exactly the question James and Danessa get online with each other to discuss this week. We have found a way to get better audio as well. Thanks for being patient with us.Bởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
This week James and Danessa get on the phone again to talk about the current state of affairs and shed some light on just what is happening right now in New York City and also talk about some things you can be doing to take advantage of the extra time we all have right now.Bởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
This week with Danessa on the road James takes a few minutes to discuss the news story that is dominating the right now, COVID-19, and how beauty professionals can be taking action with tips directly from the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization to safeguard themselves and their clients with good sanitation practices.…
This week James and Danessa sit down with industry friend Jake Aebly to talk about an all important topic, sanitation. Soak in some of Jake's knowledge and learn the science behind these good habits to keep yourself and your client safe. @makeupbyjakeBởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
This week James and Danessa are lucky enough to sit down with the creator of Around The World Beauty, none other than Stephanie Flor to talk about beauty history, ancient ingredients and pulling inspiration from cultures all of the Earth. @stephanieflorBởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
This week James and Danessa talk about originality. I mean who's idea is it anyway? Most everything may have already been done so how can you do something that may not be completely original but put your signature style onto it and still making it all your own.Bởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
James and Danessa were lucky enough to get Lijha Stewart and Yvonne Macinnis to sit down with them again and talk about artistry and being an artist. Listen in as they discuss their personal revelations and how they keep themselves going. @lipstickqueers @yvonnetheartist @lijhajadeBởi James Vincent & Danessa Myricks
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