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Welcome! This Web Series' purpose is to introduce the great outdoors and hunting, specifically turkey hunting, to our youth; and to get kids spending some quality time with their parents. These videos are from youth turkey hunts all over the country. We hope you enjoy Jr. Turkey Thumpers for years to come. You can get watch the HD version of these hunts at www.JrTurkeyThumpers.com and you can watch similiar videos on our hunting network at www.Hunt365.tv.
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We finish out the 2013 season congratulation Gabbie on her 4 to 3 win. Then we conclude with Gabbie's and Tad's bloopers and outtakes. Watch this video for some hilarious mess ups but remember hosting a web series is harder than it looks. Thanks for watching our 2013 season and stay tuned for the 2014 season. Enjoy!…
Gabbie and Tad kick off the 2013 season during the youth season in Florida. Tad is at his favorite spot south of St. Augustine and Gabbie is across the St. John's river at a wildlife management area. They are battling freezing cold weather so come along and see who can get it done opening day.Bởi Jr. Turkey Thumpers
So Gabbie was up 3 to 2 on Tad. Tad talked his dad into sneaking up to Georgia and trying to get at least one gobbler to tie Gabbie. This hunt happened the first week in May. It was hot and the hunting was hard, but Tad got onto one that almost got away. Watch this close encounter that Tad had with a couple of wary Georgia eastern gobblers.…
Gabbie has tagged out in Kansas so she decides to try her luck again with these weary Georgia birds. She and her dad roosted one in this field but this gobbler did not read the script and did everything backwards in this hunt. Watch and see how she still connected on this stubborn Georgia gobbler.Bởi Jr. Turkey Thumpers
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