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In this episode, the looneys are joined by Cheru (@DragonGellie on Twitter) to talk about the first Monty Python film! Ethan has a mental breakdown, and Kaylee bonds with the special guest, as they all try to come up with something new to say about the sketches they've already talked about.Bởi spotthelooneys
This is our season finale, which also happens to be our most NSFW episode to date. The Looneys have a discussion of consensual cannibalism, discover some inappropriate British slang, and, for some reason, get on the subject of frog mating. Also, for legal reasons, we do NOT want to kill John Cleese.Bởi spotthelooneys
The Looneys are back to discuss the fact that the homicidal barber and his customer are definitely gay, to go on a lengthy discussion of the nuances of the lumberjack sketch, and somehow, get on the subject of how animal piss is collected. Also, did Arthur Nudge actually sleep with a woman before his appearance in this episode?…
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